Date Lady Charcuterie Board
When it comes to hosting a first-rate party, a cheese board is a must-have. It allows guests to build and create their own delectable bites without feeling like they’re doing all the leg work. Plus, it’s a great visual element, a conversation starter and requires no cooking!

Finding the perfect blend of meat, cheese, fruit and nuts is an art form, but experimenting is half the thrill. We love Date Lady Pure Date Syrup because it adds a hint of sweetness and is delicious over goat cheese and crostini, brie and blueberries, cheddar and apples or blue cheese and walnuts. And we top our board off with Date Lady Organic Dates of course!

The world-renowned Murray's Cheese in New York suggests pairing
Date Lady Date Syrup, with:

-Fromage d'Affinois: A French double-cream soft cheese made from cow's milk. Similar to Brie
-Casatica: Soft-ripened, buffalo milk cheese, similar to Stracchino. Aged for three to five weeks, it has a supple richness. Creamy interior, mild and delicate milky sweetness. Left to sit, it will virtually ooze on your plate and melt in your mouth.
-Monte Alva: Spanish cheese, pasteurized goat’s milk. Flavor starts mild but releases a zesty bite of acidity that lingers through the finish. Fresh, lightly green herbal and citrus notes, flavors of untoasted hazelnuts, and a rich sweetness acquired through 60 plus days of aging
-Ewephoria: Pasteurized sheep milk Gouda style cheese from the Friesland region in Holland
-Bayley Hazen: Blue cheese. Buttery, natural-rinded blue cheese made from high-quality whole raw cow's milk.
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