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Looking for a sugar alternative?

Just heard about date syrup, the most luxurious primal sweetener you will ever set your lips on? Our date syrup is made with 1 ingredient – organic dates!

Date syrup is unique in that the nutritional value of the dates are actually concentrated, as opposed to lost during production, providing you with one of the most nutritious sugar alternatives on the market. Maybe you’ve already got some date syrup in the house and now you want to give Date Lady Date Sugar a try in your recipes? Date sugar retains the full fiber of the date, so although not ideal for beverages, it lends a delicately delicious sweetness to baked goods. Perhaps curiosity got the best of you and you’d like to see if Date Lady Dates really are unlike any you’ve had. You’ve come to the right place. Not Medjool or Deglet, Date Lady Dates are a different cultivar from the Coachella Valley in California that taste almost like eating a caramel candy.

Speaking of, if you have not yet tried Date Lady’s Caramel Sauce, it’s time. With only 3 ingredients, it is amazing on sliced apples or ice cream, or in a latte for a real treat. In perfect collaboration with our caramel is Date Lady Chocolate Spread. Perhaps one of the cleanest chocolate spreads on the market, it is made with only the finest, organic ingredients available and no vegetable oils or unsavory processed sugars. It is like the rich chocolate fudge sauce your grandma used to slather all over your vanilla ice cream. Our Date Balsamic is another fun win for any foodie’s kitchen with it’s mellow acidity and rich umami like flavor.

Don’t wait any longer to try one of our seductive creations that will blow you away in taste, while generously handing out a nutritional punch. Click above for more information on each product. All of our products are paleo, vegan and processed sugar free.