Everything You Wanted To Know About Date Syrup

All About Date Syrup

Date syrup contains only one ingredient: organic dates. But how is date syrup made? We're here with a little more information for those of you with inquiring minds. You know who you are. It's understandable. Just 8 years ago when we introduced Date Lady Date Syrup to the US market, people were very skeptical about this strange concept. Does it taste good? 

What is a Date?

A date is a prune, right? (We aren't joking - that was a common question!) Americans have always had a love-or-hate relationship with dates; have you ever seen the ones packaged in a metal can, or perhaps all dried up in not-so-tasty high-fiber cereals? It seems food manufacturers haven't been quite sure what to do with them in the past and it was kind of a slow-moving concept to be grasped.

Fast forward to the present day and they are on restaurant menus broiled and wrapped in prosciutto and found in all things both delicious and healthy. Everyone wants to know more about this beautiful fruit and its nectar which are swiftly becoming popular choices for both the foodie and clean-eating crowds. Let’s begin with a little history.

What is Date Syrup?

Date syrup is actually one of the oldest sweeteners available today. Ancient cuneiform manuscripts from Mesopotamia mention syrup, showing it as the primary sweetener of that time. In the Bible, the word “honey” can be translated from the Hebrew to describe a fruit honey, rather than the honey from a bee, and is commonly referred to as “date honey” in commentaries. Considering the profound quantity of date palms in that area, it is very likely this was indeed referring to honey from the date, or, date syrup. Although date syrup has been around for thousands of years in other parts of the world, the United States has just recently seen increased interest.

Date Palm

Date Syrup v. Sugar

With all of the talk out there about sugar we have to ask -- is date syrup just another sugar? The answer is no, and by explaining a bit more about production and nutrition, you can see why. Although fruit provides natural sugars, there is quite a difference between the lineages of table sugar and fruit. There are two primary distinctions. First, sugar is heavily processed to get to a point of consumption. Common table sugar is mostly made from beets, or sugarcane, neither of which can eat without a significant amount of processing that in the end, results in something very different from the original nature. Fruit is generally something that becomes ripe, ready to eat, and sweet by its own natural process. Secondly, sugar is mostly void of any nutritional benefit at all except for calories. Fruit, however, contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals.

Date Syrup Labeling

How do you make date syrup?

Date syrup, as a fruit, contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. It is unique to other sweeteners in the process it takes to derive it. It isn’t honey, it isn’t maple syrup, and although a fruit, it isn’t made like a fruit concentrate is either. Honey, as we know, is made by a magical fleet of celestial winged creatures (now that we think about it, that is hard to compete with), and maple sap is gifted to us by wise old trees (also impressive), and boiled down into syrup. With a fruit concentrate, you take freshly squeezed juice and boil it down until most of the mass has evaporated out.

Date syrup, on the other hand, has no real juice coming from the dates to concentrate. In Middle Eastern markets, it is common to see dates for sale, and often bagged together tightly, and when they get hot from the desert heat, you can see in the corners of the bags that the whole dates themselves are naturally turning into nectar, or syrup, rather than a juice coming out and separating itself from the fruit.

To produce date syrup efficiently on a larger scale and in an uncontaminated manner, the process goes a bit differently. Because they contain very little to no water activity or juice from the get-go, you actually have to add in water to strain the nectar from the dates. Essentially date syrup is made by heating dates in water, blending the dates, pressing the mixture through a filter to strain out pits and insoluble parts of the date, and then evaporating the water that was put in, and back out. What you are left with is the nectar, which contains vitamins and minerals from the date.

Benefits of Date Syrup - Is Date Syrup Healthy?

Although it takes more than 1 lb. of dates to make 1 lb. of date syrup, it is not what's traditionally called a “concentrated” fruit product, because we aren’t decreasing the nectar of the fruit, but using water to draw it out. The mass is naturally decreased just from removing the pits and breaking down the fruit, but not from separating the moisture or juice from the fruit, and then concentrating it. So this is why 1 lb of date syrup has a very similar amount of calories and sugar compared to the same amount of whole dates. And because date syrup does retain most vitamins and minerals from its original nature, it is also one of the most nutritious sweeteners on the market. See how it compares with maple syrup and honey below. 

Date Nutrition Chart

Date Nutrition Chart


As date cultivation continues to grow, so will research to seek out other possible benefits of this ancient fruit of the date palm. We'll continue to talk dates now and then on the blog, so check back with us! Until then, what questions do you have for us about date syrup? 


We'd love to answer them - shout out to us at info@ilovedatelady.com!


I can’t order pancakes in a restaurant unless I have my Date Syrup with me! SO delicious and I love that it is better for me than maple syrup.

Lori Weaver on Mar 07, 2024

Does the date syrup make your blood sugar go up?
And the date powder…
I’m not diabetic, but just curious

Erin on Mar 25, 2024

I LOVE this syrup! I ordered it a while back, but was too intimidated to try it. I finally got up the courage when I kept waking up with Charlie horses. I opened a bottle and just squeezed some into a spoon to taste it. It was so good! I started taking some every day and my Charlie horses stopped. I started trying it on pancakes and it was delicious. Now that it’s lemonade season, I’ve been squeezing a whole lemon into a large glass of ice water and stirring in some date syrup instead of my usual maple syrup. Soooooo good!!!!

Lauren on Jun 27, 2023

Hey Debbie,

Hopping on here to answer your question “For diabetics how does this effect your blood glucose?” We recently wrote an article about this topic: https://ilovedatelady.com/blogs/blog/dates-diabetes-and-the-glycemic-index

Date Lady on Jun 01, 2023

For diabetics how does this effect your blood glucose ?

Debbie on Jun 01, 2023

So pleased to have this information. I’ve been using maple syrup to sweeten my coffee and thought I’d try date syrup, but felt a bit concerned about it being beneficial, or just sugary. Now I use date syrup and have a reason for just treating myself to a spoonful on its own! Maybe I’ll bump it up to two spoonfuls…yum!

Judith Mitchell on Nov 01, 2021

We absolutely LOVE this! I was looking for a healthy alternative for something sweet and THIS IS IT!!! We love using this on our pancakes, oatmeal, drizzled on almond butter toast even a little squeeze in my matcha latte. We buy the biggest size and I only wish they had a BIGGER one!!! LOVE IT! We will never be without this!~

Stacie on Nov 01, 2021

This is great information! I was wondering what the shelf life on date syrup was. I’m trying to switch from honey to date syrup, however honey lasts so long! I was wondering if date syrup would be able to last as long, Thanks!

Ashton on Jul 14, 2021

Thank you so much for this information about dates. I always felt guilty eating dates because I feared the sweetness showed they had to have a bad side. But now that I know how good they are for me…well that’s a different story. Thanks again.

Margaret Hamilton on Jul 23, 2021

We love all of your products – and we have tried them all! – but the dates are our favorite! I use them in everything that needs a touch of sweetness. I use them with raw cocoa and walnuts to make my version of fudge brownies. Mostly, we eat them as is – they are such a treat! Better than popping a caramel into your mouth! I like them frozen, but others in my family prefer them refrigerated. We used to make so many recipes using medjool or deglet noor dates, but have discovered we really prefer all of those recipes with your dates. Thank you!

Linda Rupe on Jul 23, 2021

I have tried a few brands but now only use yours. I was so happy to find it at Walmart. Use it on our oatmeal everyday as well as my go to sweetener. I eat plant based and this works right in with all my recipes. Can’t wait to check out your other products.

Judy Stranacher on Jul 23, 2021

I went to see a friend today who was raised in Kurdistan. She showed me how to make yogurt which she has always done as part of the Kurdish culture. She showed me a jar of Date Molasses to sweeten the yogurt and make dessert with it cooking rice in the yogurt and then adding the date syrup. Wonderful stuff. First time I’ve ever had it. I love dates too. Didn’t even know until today about this sweetener.

Deb on Jul 30, 2021

As a nutritarian, I can’t begin to tell you how your date syrup has given me life in the desert meal. Not only does the date syrup satisfies my sweet tooth I may crave from time to time, but it also provides the health benefits I need even while having something sweet. You guys have done an amazing thing for those of us who are moving away from the so called ‘standard American diet’ (in my circle we call it the satanic American diet) and being more conscious and vigilant about our health. Please do not change from what you are doing. Continue to remain honest in giving us the one of the healthiest and most natural sweeteners we have and we’ll continue to support. Todah ravaged and shalom

Claydon Ben Yisra'el on Jul 30, 2021

Dear Sirs
I’m a producer of dates products one of it a dates molasses/syrup
If your raw materials need this kind of product .
Please reply to mention your annual inquiry.
I appreciate your efforts
Best regards
Eng.: Mekhled Almutairi

Mekhled Almutairi on Sep 03, 2020

Fascinating! Thanks for the date history… it’s my new go to, I’ve cut out processed sugar from my diet and was looking for a healthier low glycemic sweetener.. I’m in love with this stuff and I’ve since tried other brands, nothing compares so far- thank you so much! 😀

Christina Slatter on Sep 03, 2020

Can’t tell you how much I love your syrup I buy it at Target and it’s my go-to sweetener now for everything. One of my favorite things to do is mix it with defatted powdered peanut flour to make a peanut butter spread for my toast – yum! 😻

Lisa Beth Cain on Jun 09, 2020

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