Date Lady Caramel Corn
Date Lady Caramel Corn is the perfect healthier party snack, a quick and easy back to school snack or a great treat to keep around the house! Coconut Date Sauce can be substituted with our date syrup.


Was looking for a replacement recipe for the recipe we have used for decades for our Christmas caramel popcorn tradition. Came across this one using Date Lady date syrup instead of the usual brown sugar and (vegan)butter combo. At first, I didn’t think this would work, it was so runny, but with a tweak it did come together and is quite tasty. When I saw how runny it became when I put it in the oven, I switched to instructions from our traditional recipe – Baked for an hour, stirring every 15 minutes at 250. Perfection!

Lynn on Mar 25, 2024

I used the date syrup today in a recipe for Three Berry Jam. It came out so delicious. I used Strawberries, Blue berries and Black berries. Pomona’s Universal Pectin. It is fantastic you can use alternative sugars. I only use date lady syrup for all my recipes. So I gave it a try and it turned out better that what I used to purchase at the health food store. I canned 6 pints and 1 pint. I used 2 and 1/2 cups of date syrup. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Pam Richards on Jul 22, 2022

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