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Paleo Pumpkin Muffins
These mildly sweet pumpkin muffins are sweetened with date sugar which provides a nice, subtle sweetness. If you are looking for more full-on sweet, try frosting with Date Lady Chocolate Spread. Alternatively, you can think ahead and make this very...
Easiest Gluten Free Cookie Ever
This cookie is fabulous by itself with tea or coffee and double fabulous with Date Lady Chocolate Spread sandwiched in between them!
Roasted Cashews
We cannot say enough about these roasted nuts. They are the perfect balance of salty and sweet and so fantastic with a cold drink or at a casual get together.  2 cups cashews 3 TB date syrup  1 tsp sea salt 1/2...
Decadent Date Truffles
These are decadent truffles that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth or chocolate craving. The dates are all you need to give them the perfect sweetness! Feel free to get creative and roll the truffles in chopped nuts, coconut...
Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies
This delicious paleo cookie recipe was inspired by the Delighted Momma! The date syrup is a great compliment to the coconut and chocolate, which provide a fantastic texture in this cookie!
Paleo Banana Muffins
This recipe was inspired from the book "Primal Cravings" and is sure to please anyone in your family, paleo or not!
Chocolate Paleo Cupcakes
This paleo cupcake is moist, delicious and very simple to whip together. Perfect for a birthday party or get together -- your guests will rave!
Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies
This recipe was adapted from the ever-so-awesome Primal Cravings book by the ever-so-talented Keatley couple. Find out more about them here -
Step aside, PEEPS! for Marshmallows, Date Lady style.
This 5-ingredient recipe is so very simple and works best with a silicone mold of some sort so that you can easily "pop-out" the chocolate when done. We recommend adding some nuts, coconut, dried fruit or dash of vanilla salt for a little extra punch!