Substituting Dates In Your Recipes

You may be asking yourself "how do I substitute dates in my recipes?" Well, we have answers. Dates have been used as a popular sweetener alternative for centuries in the Middle East but have just recently grown in popularity in the US. In fact, dates are one of the most nutrient-rich sweeteners on the market. You can read more on that here. 

Date syrup is our best-selling product and for good reason. It's delicious, versatile and LOADED with nutrients. It can be used in cooking, glazes, marinades, salad dressings, muffins and much more. We'll include a link to our date syrup recipes below if you're interested. However if you're here to find out how to substitute date syrup for sugar, dates, honey or other alternative sweeteners refer to the chart below. Date syrup adds a small amount of moisture to recipes so depending on what you're substituting, you may need to add another dash of your dry ingredients depending on desired texture. It's purely preference of course! 

Date paste, for those of you who don't know, is simply pitted and pureed dates. It's best used in raw treats, energy balls and to thicken smoothies. Of course, you'll really see date paste shine when you use it as a binder in baked goods. You can substitute date paste for eggs in many baked goods It sweetens and holds your ingredients together for a soft, deliciously-rich dessert. Please refer to the chart below for more exact substitution measurements.

If you are making a cookie or recipe that doesn't call for much liquid, date sugar is probably your best choice. Date sugar is the whole date, dried and ground into a powder. It can be used to substitute white sugar 1 for 1 while decreasing the dry ingredients called for in your recipe by 25%. Date sugar can be used for cookies, sweet bread, muffins and even as a topping for cinnamon toast or your oatmeal. No worries about running out of recipe inspiration; check the link at the bottom of this blog for more date sugar recipes. 


Date Syrup, Date Paste and Date Sugar Substitution

Are you one to experiment and get creative with your recipes or do you follow the instructions to a T? Let us know in the comments below! For those of you who must follow the recipe, click on your favorite mentioned ingredient below and start makin'! 


Really more of a question, What is a general rule for substituting date sugar for maple syrup. This is for a pumpkin bread recipe and it calls for 1/3 cup of maple syrup, so what would be the equivalent for date sugar (I prefer to use date sugar instead of date paste or syrup)
Thank you.

Yvonne on Mar 25, 2024

I love working/creating with dates. Hope to figure out how to make a cooked raspberry date jam that can be canned for later use. Family is far and away, they love getting “treats.”

Wanda on Nov 08, 2023

Just starting experimenting with date sugar. Love my results so far! What do you use/do when a recipe calls for both brown sugar and granulated sugar?

Theresa Ferrari on May 01, 2023

I have been experimenting a little with the syrup and powder, and am very happy with the product!
I’m a retired executive chef of over forty years, and appreciate the product and this article!

Jay on May 01, 2023

Very useful… Thanks… I have pondered over this more times than I can count!

Lu H on May 01, 2023

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