Blood Orange Sparkler Mocktail

This is a crisp and fresh drink to enjoy anytime of the year!


1 cup (8 fl oz) date syrup
1 cup  (8 fl oz) fresh blood orange or citrus juice (3-4oranges)
1 bottle (24 fl oz) sparkling white grape juice or sparkling water
Thinly cut blood orange slices 
Date syrup 
Freeze dried strawberries or raspberries, crushed
Chill 4 martini or cocktail glasses. Prepare two small bowls, each just large enough to fit the rim of the chosen cocktail glasses. Place a small amount of date syrup into one of the dishes and crushed dried fruit in the other. Dip glass rim into date syrup to barely coat and then dip into the bowl of crushed freeze dried fruit. Repeat for all glasses.
Next, fill a tall cocktail shaker half full with ice. Add 1/4 cup (2 fl oz) each of date syrup and blood orange juice. Cover and shake for 20 seconds. 
 Strain into a glass and top with sparkling water (or sparkling juice). Repeat to fill 3 more glasses. Garnish each glass with blood orange slice. Serve at once. 
Serves 4
This recipe is inspired from an original mocktail recipe from Williams and Sonoma Cocktail Parties.

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