10 Minute Chocolate Date Truffles

If you're a fan of a quick and simple recipe that is still out of this world delicious, then you're going to LOVE this one. These delicious truffles take 10 minutes or less to create and can be made with any of your favorite toppings. We highly recommend pouring melted chocolate on your truffles and popping them in the freezer for about 15 minutes for a nice chocolatey bite. 


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Chocolate Cupcakes with Icing

If you're stuck searching for recipes that use date paste, you may want to start with this one! Date paste adds a gentle sweetness and moist texture to these cupcakes. We highly recommend.

German Chocolate Frosting 

The German Chocolate frosting is a festive topping for our chocolate cupcake recipe.

This is also a great truffle filling! Refrigerate frosting til firm, roll into balls and dip in melted chocolate.