Date Paste

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100% Organic, Vegan, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher

Ingredients: 100% organic Zahidi dates; pitted and puréed just for you. 

Serving Suggestions

Mix in some peanut butter, add some coconut flakes; energy balls have never been so easy. Sweeten those muffins, no sugar needed. Add a splash of Grand Marnier and go spread that toast. Date Lady Date Paste, It's your new best friend. 
Try it in one of these delectables recipes

Fun Facts 

- High in antioxidants and trace minerals.
- Great for pre or post workout to recharge fatigued muscles
- More potassium, magnesium, iron & phosphorus than honey or maple syrup.

-When substituting for dates in a recipe, start with 1.5 tsp of date paste for every date called for as it can depend on which type of date is being used in the recipe. 

Refrigerate & store airtight after opening.