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Did you know your favorite Date Lady products are found in delicious snacks all across the US? That's right! Our date products are used to create many different kinds of healthy and delicious goodies! We strongly believe living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to taste bland and unexciting. Dates offer many nutritional benefits and can be used to enhance flavor in baking, adding to your coffee and much more. Our customers are proof of that with their ingenuity and creativity when developing new recipes. We recently chatted with the owner of No Sugar Momma, Laurie Urbancik, to share more about her company and how they use dates in their treats.

Sounds Delish! Where Can I Find Them?

Where is No Sugar Momma located and where can we purchase your delicious treats? 

"I am in health food stores and a bakery in the Northern and Southern suburbs of Chicago, IL. My social media lists the sites. I am working with a number of other retailers who are interested in carrying my products as they are fresh, not processed, and contain significant nutritional benefits. I am working to get web orders in place over the summer and so excited as people in other states are asking for No Sugar Momma treats!"

What did you do before starting No Sugar Momma and what inspired you to start your own business?

"I worked at Fortune 100 company in a 25 year career where I managed large work teams in the business and IT areas of the energy utility sector. I also did marketing and PR for YMCAs prior to that as well as taught at the 4 year and junior college levels. I experienced a health crisis and decided to leave the corporate stress to recover my health after many years of extended work weeks and travel - too much stress led to debilitating health conditions. During my recovery, I did a number of things to recover my health including changing my diet and upgrading my wellness habits. In the process, I discovered my entrepreneurial talents and sparked my sincere desire to help myself and others eat better foods including treats which are fun and bring joy!  Viola! No Sugar Momma was born in my kitchen in 2017. I also really learned just how important food is to our bodies and mind, it truly can be healing."

no sugar momma chocolates   No Sugar Momma truffles

Those chocolates Look AMAZING! 

Where & how do you make your treats?

"I started in my kitchen just giving to my family and friends. As time went by many people were so happy to enjoy my treats and people that had food sensitivities could enjoy them as well. I decided to put my passion for health and wellness to work with a sincere desire to help the human condition and take better care of earth in the process so I created the company. Eventually I found a great baker in lower Minnesota who is incredible to work with as the level of quality and care in the products are tasted by all the customers. "

How did you come up with the different flavors of your treats and which one is your favorite?

"I spent years making everything from puddings, to cookies, bars, ice creams, breakfast pastry, pies…..everything I enjoyed without all the common allergens, dairy, eggs, soy.   My favorites are chocolate caramel brownie and peanut butter bombz! I love decadent, rich and chocolatey any day of the week!"

Laurie No Sugar Momma

What About The Ingredients?

What do you look for when you source ingredients to make your treats and why did you choose dates as an ingredient?

"I look for real food - what Mother Earth and Mother Nature lovingly provide us with to nurture our body, mind and spirit as well as keep our vital systems running. Dates are great for nutrients, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, they aid digestion….so many other health benefits, and have a decadent taste!"


How did you hear about us at Date Lady?

I found Date Lady at a health food store chain called Fruitful Yield in the Chicago area. The rich buttery syrup attracted me right away and the taste excited me once I had it in a number of products. It became easy to include it in my everyday eating as well as my desserts. I love the quality of Date Lady and very simply, a date is a real food, no processing, pure goodness!

What are your future plans/goals for your company?

"No Sugar Momma supports humanity and Mother Earth, so 10% of profits will support a number of worthy causes. In fact, I tell people I am working for humanity and earth as I think about how best to direct profits to worthy causes. I plan to include customers in the process of helping to direct profits in some kind of voting process I will develop and implement through social media and on the spot campaigns. The snacks and desserts are key to my company’s success and yet another important contribution will be health and wellness information and support for customers. I am working with some vision partner companies to share this type of information whether it be on social media shares or in product sample promotions at retail outlets. This is a legacy company for me, one that will continue to generate some profits and do good for organizations for the foreseeable future. Many years ago I drew out a rough sketch logo and it was a picture of the Earth with script ‘Doing Good Enterprises’ running around it as I knew way back I would do something to benefit this amazing planet and its occupants as part of my contribution for the gift of living here.  No Sugar Momma is bringing that dream to life."


Anything else you'd like to share with us? 

"The logo for No Sugar Momma includes the tag line:  Eat Healthy. Eat Good Stuff. Eat Fun. Give Back. It is truly a company that is coming alive at a time when we all need to remember we are here to learn, grow and help others along the way.  Our bodies thrive when we eat good food, think good thoughts, help and love each other. I am grateful to work with other companies in the food industry to bring fun and tasty snacks and desserts to the young through seniors, health nuts and those working with food allergies and sensitivities, vegan preferences, or simply people looking to upgrade their food quality - I say no one gets left behind when it comes to a fun treat that is good for you! In good health :) "

No Sugar Momma

Try No Sugar Momma for yourself or learn more by clicking the link above. 

Thank you for taking the time for an interview, Laurie! We wish you and your company great success!


You rock Laurie. It is heart warming to see you pursuing your dreams, living purposefully, and giving back in a good way!

Alex John Courtney on Nov 08, 2023

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