Date & Almond Hummus by A Beautiful Mess

by Colleen Sundlie
Date & Almond Hummus by A Beautiful Mess


1 can (15 oz) chickpeas
2 Tbsp almond flour
2 Tbsp Date Syrup
1 Tbsp tahini
½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
⅓ cup grape seed oil


1. After draining chickpeas from can juices, I usually remove little skins around each chickpea whenever I make hummus. This isn't necessary, but does ensure your hummus will be smoother and creamier, so I think it’s worth the effort. Just put on your favorite podcast and spend a few extra minutes if you have them. But again, it’s not 100% necessary.

2. In a food processor or blender combine chickpeas, almond flour, Date Syrup, tahini, cinnamon, and salt. Pulse to combine. Then, with processor running, drizzle in oil in a slow steady stream. If your processor does not allow for this, you can simply add oil in 3-4 batches, processing well in between. The end hummus should be creamy and spreadable, like natural peanut butter (but not quite as oily). If it seems too thick, add another tablespoon of oil or water and process until smooth.


A Beautiful Mess is a one of our favorite blogs for brightening up our mood - It's filled with vibrant decor, colorful crafts, and recipes perfect for entertaining. One of A Beautiful Mess's co-founders, Emma, shared one of her favorite snacks for satisfying her sweet tooth without splurging on the sugar. It's Date & Almond Hummus and it is a great, creamy midday snack or protein packed breakfast. Plus, it has one of Emma's favorite ingredients - Date Syrup!

You can put on toast, brown rice cakes with fresh fruit and a drizzle of Date Syrup or add a few seeds or topped nuts for a more substantial breakfast. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator for at least 1 week.

Note: You can use different oils here depending on what you have or prefer. I normally use olive oil in hummus recipes, but since this one leans more sweet (as opposed to savory), I like grape seed oil as it doesn’t really have much flavor, allowing the natural sweetness from the date syrup to shine through.

Enjoy! xo. Emma

Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. You can find the original post here


Pictures by A Beautiful Mess

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