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By Miri Rotkovitz Kosher Food Expert One Little Bottle, One Big Niche To Fill Among the products that are conspicuously absent in the kosher market, the lack of traditionally-crafted balsamic vinegar is, at least for me, one of the most distressing. I'm not talking about the commercially-produced, relatively inexpensive bottles labeled Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, of which there are a few passable options. What I covet is one of the syrupy, barrel-aged elixirs meant for finishing dishes, and drizzling over cheese, fruit, or even gelato. I dream of trekking through Italy to search one out, or else to somehow convince an...

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Delicious Living Review

date syrup Delicious Living Review

Made with just organic dates, this silky dark syrup infuses molasses-like flavor into pancakes, baked goods, cooking sauces and more. A boon for paleo and vegan eaters, Date Lady's super sweet date sauce is concentrated, making it one of the more nutritious syrups out there. Try using it in baking mixes, too. Original Article - Delicious Living June, 2016

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