Fruitcake Lover Box

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For the lover of all things fruitcake, a gift box containing our award-winning fruitcake and an I LOVE Fruitcake long sleeve shirt. 

WARNING: This fruitcake may not appeal to lovers of high-fructose corn-syrup-ed, red and green jellied fruitcake fans. 

Although there isn't one "true fruitcake" we decided to reclaim as much of the original style of those first imbibed upon in the Middle East and then in Europe, involving mostly fruits and nuts and spices, rather than the modern twist of candies and artificial colors and flavors. Go to our fruitcake page for ingredients and further details. 

And this friends, is why WE LOVE FRUITCAKE. And we hope if you have eaten our fruitcake and enjoy it, you too can now feel safe in making this proclamation to the masses.

This box is a great value and is ready to gift with FREE WRAPPING and SHIPPING!

Just want the fruitcake? Just want the swag? Looking for more variety