Date Syrup LOVE IT Squeeze

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Size: 48 oz net weight, squeeze bottle

: Organic dates

100% Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher

Alright, you know ALL about date syrup. That's why you need this 48 oz squeeze, exactly 4 times the size of our original bottle. You got pancakes to cover, yogurt to imbibe in and all kinds of other greatness that needs to be married with it. We gotcha. If you haven't tried it and you're here anyway, read on.

Use date syrup as an alternative sweetener in place of processed sugar or honey. Pour it over waffles or french toast. Dollop on greek yogurt or coconut ice cream. Drizzle over goat cheese and crostini. Use as an alternative to sugar in baking and cooking. Lick it, straight off your fingers. Now you’re talking.

Besides the depth of flavor and character in Date Lady Date Syrup, you will find the added benefit of potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and trace minerals. Perhaps one of the least complicated sweeteners on earth, date syrup is sourced from well, dates. In fact, there are a pound and a half of organic dates in every bottle of Date Lady Date Syrup. No other ingredients needed. Click here to learn about the nutritional value of date syrup.

History of Date Syrup 

Although date syrup has been used for thousands of years on the other side of the world, it is nearly unheard of in the States. Ancient cuneiform manuscripts show mentions of the syrup, showing it as the primary sweetener of that time. In the Bible, mentions of the word “honey” can be translated from the Hebrew to describe a fruit honey, rather than the honey from a bee. Considering the profound quantity of date palms in that area, it is very likely this was indeed referring to honey from the date or, date syrup.

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