August 3, 2021

5150 Chocolate Co

5150 Chocolate Bars

Did you know your favorite Date Lady products are found in delicious snacks all across the US? That's right! Our date products are used to create many different kinds of healthy and delicious goodies! We strongly believe living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to taste bland and unexciting. Dates offer many nutritional benefits and can be used to enhance flavor in baking, adding to your coffee and much more. Our customers are proof of that with their ingenuity and creativity when developing new recipes. We recently chatted with the owner of 5150 Chocolate Co, Tyler Levitetz,  to share more about his company and how they use dates in their chocolates.

Sounds Delish! Where Can I Find Them?

Where is 5150 Chocolate located and where can we purchase your beautiful chocolates? 
"Our shop is located in Delray Beach, Florida and our products can also be found at all Whole Foods Florida locations, as well specialty stores and several luxury hotels in South Florida."

What did you do before starting 5150 Chocolate and what inspired you to start your own business?
"Went to French Pastry School in Chicago, then working in fine dining. Most recently working as chocolatier in Florida prior to starting 5150 Chocolate. I wanted to open my own business because I was extremely interested in all aspects of the chocolate making process. I travelled to cocoa plantations throughout Central and South America meeting farmers and observing the process of growing and fermenting cocoa beans."

5150 Chocolate Co. Easter Island Heads
5150 Chocolate Bars

These Chocolates Look AMAZING!

Where & how do you make your chocolates?
"We are a "bean to bar" manufacturer, and we handle all aspects of the manufacturing process, beginning with our importation of cocoa beans from around the world"

How did you come up with the different flavors of your chocolates and which one is your favorite?
"Most of the flavors come from ideas from our staff, as well as "crazy ideas" that come to me."

What About The Ingredients?

What do you look for when you source ingredients to make your chocolates and why did you choose date sugar as an ingredient?
"We look for premium quality ingredients from respected suppliers. We actually started using date sugar as a result of a co-packing request from a customer."

What are your future plans/goals for your company?
"We would like to expand our hotel customer base, as well as grow with Whole Foods and other retailers. We are only 3 years old, so we look forward to a long term, successful business focused on quality, customer service and creativity."

5150 Chocolate Co Logo

Try 5150 Chocolate Co. for yourself or learn more by clicking the link above. 

Thank you for taking the time for an interview, Tyler! We wish you and your company great success!